Url Shortener

Just click our extension icon on toolbar to shorten the URL of current page with TinyURL.com url shortener service.

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Want to quickly shorten your URL in one click? Then this extension is for you. Just click on the extension to shorten the URL of the current page.

Features of Url Shortener:

  • Easily shorten any link of current page with TinyURL url shortener service.
  • Easily shorten any link that you copied and put into a special textbox
  • Automatically copies url to clipboard
  • Click to shorten url and copy to clipboard
  • Generate QR code
  • Light|Dark theme switcher for more comfortable use

Disclaimer: This browser extension is about making shorten urls using TinyURL service and has no affiliations with TinyURL. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. TinyURL doesn't endorse or sponsor this Chrome extension.

Safety first!

You care about privacy. We care about privacy. That's why all files are deleted from our servers one hour after processing. Check out our privacy policy for more infos.

Works with Google Drive

You can open files from your PC or Google Drive.

All in the cloud

Our servers in the cloud process your files and you don't need to install anything on your computer. Isn't that great?